10 Unusual Tips to Help You Prepare for an Interview

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October 31, 2017
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10 Unusual Tips to Help You Prepare for an Interview

If you’re searching for interview preparation advice online, it’s definitely not hard to find. There are millions of helpful sites offering techniques and methods to help you smash your next interview. However, you’ll find most of the advice is repetitive and rather obvious.

If you’re looking for tips that will help you stand out in today’s competitive job market, you’re in the right place. Below, I’ve rounded up some slightly unusual, but highly effective tips that will help you create a memorable impression at your upcoming interview.

  1. Do your research on the interviewer

A fundamental error that many candidates make is focusing all their pre-interview research on the company and the sector in question only. While this is of course essential, you should also find out as much as you can about the individual who is scheduled to interview you. Thanks to the internet, this is relatively easy to do. A quick Google search will lead you to their LinkedIn profile and any published articles or blogs they may have written. Familiarising yourself with the interviewer may lead you to feeling more comfortable during the interview, as well as provide you with some topics to break the ice.

2.Squeeze in a workout before your interview

Yet another reason to hit the gym. Releasing the endorphins through exercise not only helps with your mood and energy, it also helps to decrease levels of stress. Try and get a workout in either the morning of or the night before your interview.

3. Motivate yourself with positive self-talk

How we talk to ourselves in our own mind is fundamental in determining how we feel. In the week before the interview, indulge in some positive and motivational internal dialogue. If you keep telling yourself that you are capable and would add value to any company that hires you, you will start to believe it. This will help you exude confidence during the actual interview itself.

4. Tell a close friend about the interview

Sometimes, nothing beats a good pep talk from a supportive friend. Tell someone that you know is capable of uplifting you and providing encouragement. Having that support beforehand (and knowing that you’ll have it afterwards) can really help to ease the stressful process of an interview.

5. Practice your body language

Psychologists have recommended practicing what is known as a ‘power pose’ before any interview. This is basically the pose that you will adopt during your interview, with regards to your body language. Practice remaining in that pose for at least three minutes to help with your confidence and reduce any anxiety. It’s worth a shot!

10 Unusual Tips to Help You Prepare for an Interview Legal Secretary Courses

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6. Make a real effort with your outfit

Though it is obvious that dressing professionally and comfortably is a must for any job interview, try and take it up a notch. Wake up early and invest extra time into your hairstyle or your nails to really help you exude confidence as you strut into that interview room. Feeling and looking more polished that you normally do will make you feel great about yourself.

7. Seek out inspiration in any form

To remain motivated and inspired on the day of the interview, make sure that any content you consume is really positive and uplifting. Motivational quotes can have a powerful impact on our psyche. Or seek out photos that visually represent the kind of lifestyle that the new job could provide you.

8. Choose the right soundtrack for your interview journey

Music can be a great tool to help reduce anxiety. Depending on whether you’d like to relax or require an energy lift, you should choose your music carefully. If you’re keen to keep your mind off the interview as you travel, podcasts can be a great way to keep you distracted.

9. Schedule in a meetup with a friend after the interview

After the interview, you’re likely to feel quite drained. Schedule in something fun with a friend so you have something to look forward to once the interview is complete. It could be drinks or a meal, anything to reward yourself for all the hard work you’ve put into the interview prep!

10. Keep things in perspective

Sometimes, when you receive an interview offer for a job you desire, it can often feel like this is your one big opportunity. Though it is a great opportunity, it is not the only one you’re likely to ever receive. Try to take the pressure off by reminding yourself that there will be other jobs if you don’t manage to get this one.

Tips to Help You Prepare for an Interview

Hopefully, the above steps will help you to feel more confident and less stressed on the day of your interview. Best of luck!

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