A day in the life of a Legal Secretary

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February 28, 2014
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March 31, 2014
I work in a national law firm and report directly to three solicitors, two men and one woman. I have a good working relationship with all of them, although all of them have their moments. They certainly all have good points and bad points. One is particularly disorganised and requires my organisational support more than the others. The other two can manage their schedule easily without much interaction with me. However, they are both quite demanding and pile work on me without a thought.  Unfortunately, outside of work I do not have a great deal of interaction with them and most of my work friends are outside my immediate team. Now I will take through a typical day after that introduction.
A day in the life of a Legal Secretary Legal Secretary Courses
Morning 8-11
I arrived at the station a little late to be able to get a seat on the train, so forced to stand most of the way in. I hate this as you arrive hassled and tired before even getting to work. Managed to get into the office by 8:50, which is my normal after picking up a coffee from Neros and a bagel for a 10am snack.
There is a pile of paperwork to process from the female solicitor which needs completing by a 2pm meeting. I look at the paperwork and it was processed by myself last week, but now requires me finding some supporting information to complete the file. This is not difficult but will be time consuming as I will have to do internet research to fill in the blanks.
I do my normal check and look through email and respond to anything that is urgent. I then file everything that can be completed later and schedule them in a diary.
I look at each fee earners diary and ensure that there are no surprises outstanding. I find that one of my partners has a potential problem in that we have not heard back from their client regarding a case that
needs urgent processing. I send an urgent email and text message to him to check the status quo. He is very bad at updating the diary, so I often have to check with him before chasing the client. If he doesn’t respond within an hour, I will chase him.

A day in the life of a Legal Secretary Legal Secretary Courses
A paralegal comes over with some legal information for one of my managers, I ask her to fill out a brief summary of the file and store it with the attention of the relevant person. They are not here as of yet, but if I do not see within an hour I will go looking for them.
Now I can finally get to work on the paperwork for my solicitor that is due by 2pm. This is more a research job so is not so hard. I will aim to complete this by noon, so we can have a short sit down to prep.
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