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Advice to Office Professionals

Executive PAs, PAs, Administrators, Managers, in fact anyone who sits at a desk for long periods during the day, should always look after their health.
This starts at your desk. You should adjust the chair height so your feet are flat on the floor. Make sure
your upper and lower back are supported. Also check that the armrests are positioned that your arms and shoulders are relaxed. Have the monitor directly in front of you with the top of it just above
eye level and sit at least an arm’s length away from the monitor. You should avoid any glare by careful positioning of the monitor to avoid this.
Any prolonged, fixed positions will hinder circulation so if you need to stay working at your computer, take a 2 minute stretch break every half an hour; take a break or change tasks for about 10 minutes after an hour’s work. Always keep the correct posture when working.
Advice to Office Professionals Legal Secretary Courses
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It is important that you avoid eye fatigue so look away from the monitor especially if you are doing close computer work; get in the habit of refocusing your eyes periodically.
Tests were carried out on staff sitting all day and some standing. They found that those standing while working had a better reading health wise than those sitting. Their insulin levels were steady while those sitting had higher levels and aches and stiffness. Those standing tend to shift their position. So the answer is to keep moving as much as possible.
You may have taken special care and observed all the rules in ergonomics but find your back aches and there is tightness in your muscles then you may find a visit to a massage therapist can alleviate these problems and help keep your body in good physical condition. Massage is ideal for can releasing tension in the muscles – tension you may not be aware you have. Massage tends to release endorphin which
is a hormone that reduces the feeling of pain.


Advice to Office Professionals Legal Secretary Courses
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Reflexology is another therapy that can be useful for office staff. Reflexology is the idea that points on the feet, hands and head correspond to different parts of the body. For instance, by touching the tips of your index finger and thumb and massaging can cure a headache. Reflexology can be soothing and relaxing and it improves circulation.
You should be aware of Health and Safety in the work place. This means you need to look out for colleagues and visitors. Any potential hazard should be reported to the Health and Safety Officer for example a loose carpet tile etc. The implications of someone injuring themselves can cause penalties for the company, legal fees, increased insurance premiums, sickness, staff shortage and staff morale to name but a few.
In conclusion, it is important that each member of staff ensure they look after themselves as their health can be affected, their chances of promotion can suffer and the company loses out by staff not being productive. Find out more about developing your admin career at

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