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Why I Became a Legal Secretary in London

Being a working mum is never easy. You feel the need to balance your working life with taking care of your family, and things such as job security become all the more important.

This was true for me. I had happily pottered along, finding jobs that just worked around my family life, but then I realised that despite being dedicated to raising my family, I needed to find a job that offered me more stability, and perhaps better pay too.

I had always thought about becoming a legal secretary, but I was always put off from following this career path as I really wasn’t sure that I had the right skills, experience or knowledge that was needed to follow this career path.

Training for a new career

One night I decided to take the plunge, after having a chat to a few friends, I found out that there were plenty of courses out there that could help people like me find their new career path. With a bit research, I found a fully CPD Accredited legal secretary course, which covered all the basics that I would need to be able to apply for legal secretary jobs.

I enrolled on the course and luckily enough was able to learn during the evening, which worked around my current work and family situation. Ideal for me. The course was perfect, it covered everything that I needed to be able to prove that I had the right skills for this new career path.

It included:

  • Typing
  • UK legal structure
  • Legal documents
  • Legal procedures
  • Audio transcription
  • Letter writing
  • Client care
  • Diary management

With the support and help of my tutor, I was soon on my way to having all the skills that I needed to be able to apply for a legal secretary job.

Looking for the perfect legal secretary jobs

Armed with my newly found skills, it was time to find a new job. I made a search against all the legal secretary jobs in my local area. Quickly I found a local law firm which were looking for someone just like me to fill a legal secretary vacancy that they had.

Nervously, I sent my CV over and waited to hear back from them. I was invited to attend an interview at the law firm. It was perfect for me, and I was more than just a little bit excited when they offered me the job.

That was 6 months ago. Now, I couldn’t be happier. My work is really close to home, I can drop the kids off at school and then head to work, getting there and at my desk in about 15 minutes flat. This lack of commute means that I have plenty of time for my family, and I have the ideal work life balance.

If that wasn’t enough to make me smile, the pay is pretty good too. You could say that I have found the perfect job, all thanks to taking the plunge and being a little bit brave.




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