What Skills are required to become a Legal Secretary in London
April 30, 2015
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May 31, 2015

My Job History

My career history will hopefully help other people understand how to become a Legal Secretary. I worked for a long time in Finance and Accounts in routine jobs that did not test my abilities. At first it was fine and I enjoyed the environment that I was working in. I never seemed to get a break to the top of career throughout my working life. This was a real negative for me, as I felt that I needed to get more of a challenge and I felt more and more frustrated.
I widened my job search and started looking for Administration roles that needed finance skills. I got a great job in company that specialised in providing finance services to other companies. I had a job that mixed providing support to the client with general office administrative and clerical tasks. I had no
experience in this area at that time, so it was interesting for me.
How I decided to become a Legal Secretary? Legal Secretary Courses
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I didn’t have good administration skills but with time they developed. However, I again
reached a point where I felt that I was not making any progress.

The Search for a New Challenge

I started looking for jobs and I found a lot of admin roles that were similar. I did not have years of experience and the level of training to get a more advanced role, so I was a little stuck. Then I looked at other jobs and saw that Legal Secretarial work paid well. It always sounded like a good career path and there was some glamour.

How to become a Legal Secretary

I decided to look into training to become a Legal Secretary and found a way to study while working for the CILEx qualification. The CILEx Legal Secretary certificate enabled me to gain a qualification and practical skills, so I was keen to keep up my current job. I started applying towards the end of the course and when I qualified I had lined up interviews.
How I decided to become a Legal Secretary? Legal Secretary Courses
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I was able to get two offers from two firms and I chose the firm with the highest pay package. I have now been in the job for 2 years and I am happy for the first time I am not frustrated. I feel that I now have a career to be proud of and some real prospects in the future. My firm has an extensive development process for Legal Secretaries and I can get promoted. All I can say is that this is a great choice of career and training.
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