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The best careers for flexi-hours

Lifestyle aspects are extremely important issues to consider when we look for a career. People are increasingly not expecting to always do a 9-5 job in the City or West End. Now people expect to look for a change of careers and lifestyle. This is the case due to family reasons and childcare requirements, caring for relatives or perhaps just because of the desire for a change. So often we hear of people who move to the sun and take advantage of cheap travel to work remotely in more relaxing places that may be sunnier. The move to flexible hours can be done.

There are many factors that enable us to achieve flexible working hours, one being the internet and improved communications. The ability to work remotely from anywhere in the world is possible now for so many people. Many designers, consultants and other such professions that can do work from home will try to gain from working in remote locations and on a flexi basis. They can gain from a lifestyle benefit in this way.

The best careers for flexi-hours Legal Secretary Courses

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However, can people in Administration do anything to move to flexi working?

It is possible now for PAs workers to use their skills to work from home. Now many find jobs that involve days working from home and many times this is not possible.

Others leave working entirely and opt to be Virtual Assistants or VAs, which involves working for yourself and providing their services to clients. This is a great option, but it is not the case that a good VA will necessary follow from being a good PA. You are now running a business and you need good business skills.

Another great option is to train as a Bookkeeper, this can be done from home and the services are delivered to clients. You can opt to be a pure Bookkeeper if you prefer or ideally offer a mix of Virtual Assistant and Bookkeeping services to maximise your revenue.

If you are interested in training to become a Virtual Assistant please go to the 2 day workshop held in London, by business trainers. They will focus on all of the aspects required to run a good VA business. Here is the detail of the course: http://www.souterstraining.com/va-course/virtual-assistant.

The best careers for flexi-hours Legal Secretary Courses

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Finally, you can become a qualified and certified Bookkeeper by taking the ICB Bookkeeping Qualification. Completion of Level 2 and 3 will lead to you becoming a Licenced Bookkeeper, with the support of the ICB: http://www.souterstraining.com/icb-bookkeepers/icb-complete.

These career paths are both excellent means of working on flexible hours and from a remote location. However, both have issues that must be addressed before commencing the change.

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