Common Interview Questions: Part Two

How to prepare for Job Interviews: Common Questions PART ONE
July 19, 2013
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August 29, 2013
In continuation from our last blog of interview questions, here are some more interview questions.
What would your former colleagues say about you?
This is an opportunity to give some positive aspects of your career and character. You do not need to disclose any issues you have had with previous colleagues.  You should think about the types of skills the job you are interviewing for will need and adapt your answer to focus on these attributes.
Common Interview Questions: Part Two Legal Secretary Courses
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Have you taken any action to further your skills outside of your job?
This will demonstrate self-motivation, leadership and commitment to any job. Here I always tell my students to say about their courses. However, you can use a lot of different experience to show how they
have developed your organisational, talking or people skills.
Have you any other interviews or offers?
Companies like to see that you are popular with employers. It is amazing how having another interview or offer can make you more attractive. However, this will apply to more competitive or even pushy industries. You should adapt your response here to suit the culture of the industry. Also, you want to show focus here, do not say you have interviews at completely unrelated organisations. This will make it look like you are just looking for a job.
Are you good at working to deadlines?
Be positive here with your answer, but do not over embellish your abilities. You should try to back up your examples with real life experiences. This will make it all the more believable and will be more likely
to help you gain points.
Tell me about your strengths?
This is a great opportunity to really impress, so make sure that you have thought about the strengths that you possess that are most relevant to the job that you are interviewing for. You can always back this up with some examples to compound the effectiveness of the story.
Common Interview Questions: Part Two Legal Secretary Courses
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Tell me about your weaknesses?
Terrible one to deal with and to say I don’t have one is unlikely to be what they are looking for. This is because everyone has a weakness and the interviewer is looking for something a little different here.
A good tactics is to say h onestly a small flaw and then explain the time and methods you have taken to overcome this flaw.
What pay are you expecting?
I have never experienced this in the interview, but I have later at the offer point. It is a difficult one, as you do not want to ask for too much and put them off, but you do not want to ask for too little. You
should have researched what is a reasonable rate for your job and experience and then explain and justify the amount. This may suit some cases, but not all. With all of these points, you should take some time to adapt them to your situation. Interview questions and their appropriate answers vary from company to company.
Common Interview Questions: Part Two Legal Secretary Courses
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I work at a training college in London and these are some of the example questions that I have collected from various students.

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