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January 16, 2013
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January 30, 2013
In the New Year, many of us feel a little overstuffed with food. Some of us feel that they have drunk too much and been to too many Christmas parties. When the festivities are over, many of us feel the need to live healthier and detox our bodies, after a month of excess. It is indeed a very good idea to detox your body, in order to keep healthy, maintain a good fitness level and fight the signs of aging.
Here are some great ways to detox your body and start the new year in a healthier way.

     Exercise and fitness

Exercising is a great way to ensure that your body is able to get stronger, facilitating recovery and detoxification. Your body’s respiratory system is activated during exercise, which will help to detoxify your system. Ideally you should look to engage as much of your body as possible, so circuit classes
and spin classes can be excellent means of getting a full body work out. This will generally improve your core strength and fitness, whilst sweating and improved circulation will help to detox your body. This can be achieved in a wide range of sports. Tennis, basketball, squash requires a full body work, if
played to a relatively competitive level. However, circuits are often a great way of achieving this exercise.
Detox for January and February Legal Secretary Courses

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Detox for January and a new start

Eating Antioxidants

Many fruits and other natural foods have tremendous antioxidant qualities. Blueberries, pomegranates, acai to name a few have qualities that combat the presence of toxins in your body.

Cut back on eating fats and red meats

Fatty foods and red meat are harder for your body to digest and for your liver to breakdown. If you cut back on how much your liver has to work in order to handle your intake, your body will have more time to replenish itself after Christmas.

Cut back on caffeine, cigarettes and alcohol

I am afraid the same applies for caffeine, tobacco and alcohol. The cleaner your input and the less stress on your body, the better the self cleansing process.
Detox for January and February Legal Secretary Courses
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Yoga is designed to focus on your internal health. It is an exercise that de-stresses and relaxes you. However, the postures can also encourage detoxification and healthy circulation in your body. If it is to your liking, then go ahead and do yoga. However, keeping to the top 4 points should be enough to ensure a good detoxification.


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