Working in English Language Jobs in the Netherlands

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Working in English Language Jobs in the Netherlands

For such a small geographic area, the Netherlands boasts a surprisingly large GDP. The way people work in this country is very flexible and is leading the pack in European working practices. Thanks to these reasons Netherlands is ranked one of the best places to work in the Western world. Find out about getting International Executive Assistant Qualifications in Holland.

Strong economic performance

It is very easy to encounter great, well-paid jobs in this country, its cities are increasingly metropolitan and Amsterdam serves a role as one of Europe’s financial centres. Utrecht and Rotterdam are also key hubs of employment that offer even more opportunities. The country is a magnet for migrants of working age seeking better employment, and expats here are international in origin. A wide range of factors contribute to this:

  •         People are drawn by higher than average earnings, plus a much better quality of life.
  •         Vacancies in many diverse sectors are always available
  •         Thanks to good education, a high percentage of Dutch are capable of communicating in English
  •         It is well-located in Northern Europe for travel purposes and goods access
  •         A liberal, open and contemporary culture awaits visitors and residents
  •         Beautiful buildings, an interesting history and many scenic vistas

Huge, international Dutch companies like Phillips, Unilever, Shell, ING and KLM offer high-paying positions to expats.

English Speaking Jobs in the Netherlands

Living in this country is a great experience, so let’s take a closer at what you can expect when residing here.

  • An abundance of nightlife in Rotterdam and Amsterdam will be sure to wow you- clubs and bars line the streets. A colonial past means the cities are multicultural and immigrants are welcomed with open arms. Due to this there are a range of eateries from across the globe where colonies were founded, Indonesia for example.
  • There’s always something to keep you entertained in these major cities, the nightlife inspired from the open and fun nature of the people.
  • Holland is quite an expensive place to live and work compared to the rest of Europe, however all of the conveniences you come to expect in the modern world can be found here.
  • Working here is encompassed by a positive attitude. Short hours are combined with a strong work ethic. The average day finishes at 5pm. This way, personal and professional hours can be managed more effectively- highly appealing to newcomers to this country.
  • Even though the public transportation isn’t the greatest, cycling to and from work is greatly encouraged and you will often find bicycles are respected by traffic and given special cycle lanes.
  • Dutch people are often quite quick to criticise and act in a direct manner. It may prove a shock at first but you will soon grow to understand that it’s a great way to resolve issues quickly. It helps you to stay focused and improve your game when it comes to working effectively.

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