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Family friendly careers for working mums

When maternity leave comes to a close, going back to work is a big decision for many working mums. After all, when you have little ones, life is no longer solely pinned on career ladders, sales targets, and corporate benchmarks. Working mums, and dads, require work that allows for the demands and delights of parenthood.

But, what are the options? What exactly are these allusive flexible jobs for mothers?

Family friendly careers for working mums Legal Secretary Courses5 popular flexible jobs for mothers

  1. Virtual Assistants

Thanks to the wonder that is the World Wide Web, VA careers are a viable option for working mums. Today, many VA careers are home-based, meaning that mums can work around the demands of the school timetable.

In the UK, the average salary for a virtual assistant is just over £40,000. Yet, in most cases, virtual assistants are enlisted on a self-employed basis. Keep one eye on the job sites though; some companies do advertise remote-working positions with such attractive salaries attached.

  1. Bookkeeping

If you have more a head for numbers, bookkeeping careers make ideal flexible jobs for mothers. Responsible for the general day-to-day business accounts, bookkeepers keep track of associated company income and expenditure.

Many local firms will call on part-time staff for bookkeeping services, with the typical UK salary averaging at £25,100. Remote-based bookkeeping careers are also aplenty.

  1. Teaching

How many other professions can promise work on a term-time only basis? For mums who want to work but also cherish family time during school holidays, no field can trump the teaching profession.

While you will need a graduates degree with honours alongside a teaching qualification to lead your own classroom, don’t be put off if you’re without. Other staff roles are in demand too, including teaching assistants, support workers, library assistants, and catering staff.

  1. Copywriting

Do you have a way with words? Can you sculpt and shape them to meet the specific needs of different clients? A remote copywriting career could be for you.

Most home-based copywriters work on a self-employed basis – you’re free to work when you want, where you want. Some find work through previous employment contacts, but equally, some work their way up from non-paid writing gigs. Rates vary depending on experience and work quantity.

  1. Childcare

When your love for children extends beyond your own brood, a career in childcare could be on the cards. Consider careers in childminding, play mentoring, and nursery nursing. For relevant courses, have a look at your local college.

Family friendly careers

Independent childminders are generally self-employed. As a guideline, with the right qualifications and inspection results, they can earn in the region of £19,000. In the UK, employed nursery nurses earn, on average, just under £18,000 per annum.

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