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Is it a good time to get a job in Law? Legal Secretary Courses

Legal industry jobs can be difficult to attain, if you are new to the industry. This is because they often will require specific qualifications or experience to get a job as a Paralegal, Legal Executive or Legal Secretary. Therefore, you need to time your entry to law and look at the state of the economy and general job market in the legal industry. Is it a good time to try to get your first job in the legal industry right now?

Now is a better time to get your first job in legal than it has been for years. In 2006, the legal industry was booming, but the credit crunch struck the legal industry hard in 2007 and it took a long time for some parts of the industry to recover.
Some areas saw a recovery quickly. However, some parts of the legal industry took time to recover, as they needed to see corporate activity start to peak again to really enjoy success. By 2015, the majority of the legal industry has regained its strength. When the industry grows, so do the job opportunities for Legal support staff.

A good time to get job in Law

However, it is not a case of just saying go and get a job as a Legal Secretary in the legal industry. You need to think about the area of law and the type of firm that interests you.

Criminal law is often very popular due to the crime drama and legal dramas that we grow up watching on the television. However, the area can be less glamorous in reality. The majority of crimes are minor and the area can be less lucrative than others. Therefore, you may find that there is less work in this area and that there is less attractive pay packages.

Corporate Law

Corporate law was hit by the recession, but has now recovered well. There are plenty of jobs on the market in this area and the pay packages can be much  more attractive than other legal areas. However, the lifestyle can involve tight deadlines and longer hours. You will also find that the majority of firms base in commercial centres like London.

This is just two highlighted areas and it is not a one size fits all. There are corporate and criminal law jobs that break these moulds, so do your research and be sure to look at other areas too.

Legal Secretarial qualifications are needed to join the industry. The CILEx qualification applies to legal support staff and their Level 2-3 qualification deals with Legal Secretaries. You will notice that many law firms require this qualification if you want to work with them. To find out details of attaining the CILEx Legal Secretary qualification please go to


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