What Skills are required to become a Legal Secretary in London

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March 31, 2015
How I decided to become a Legal Secretary?
April 30, 2015
When considering a change of career and potentially becoming a new type of professional, gaining a different type of career and subsequently having a different lifestyle, it is important to ask a crucial question. You need to ask yourself if you have the skills and aptitude to succeed in this career.
Normally a careers article will tell us what is the potential development plan in the job, or the earnings or how much does it cost to train in the field. However, it is possible that this is not the issue. The
main issue is that you either do not have transferrable skills or a natural skill base to handle this type of career.
What Skills are required to become a Legal Secretary in London Legal Secretary Courses

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What do I need to become a Legal Secretary?

  • Eye for detail: Legal documents and processes are very exact and it is importantthat you are clear on how they are delivered correctly. The slightest typo,margin error or just simple mistake can cause ramifications beyond that of a normal job in administration or secretarial work. So a keen eye for details is fundamental.
  • Structured roles: Many legal secretarial jobs are actually quite structured and they can be difficult to adjust to for people that like to have changing roles.
  • Meet deadlines: You job is always likely to be geared towards a case at any time, in this case you need to meet these deadlines. This means having good time keeping skills are essential.
  • Teamworking: You are working in a team usually under a fee earner, you have to be able to work flexibly to meet your goals as a part of a team.
  • Client Care Skills: You often encounter difficult situations with clients and as a point of contact for the firm; you have to be able to handle the situation appropriately to maintain a good client relationship.
The other thing to consider is that you need to take a Training Course for a Legal Secretary. The CILEx Legal Secretarial Certificate is a highly respected qualification that will enable you to gain the skills
required to be a Legal Secretary. Find out about training to be a Legal Secretary here at: http://www.souterstraining.com/legal-secretary-courses

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