Corporate Law

Corporate Law is traditionally the most lucrative area of law. Although there are other areas of law that rival this area, presently. During boom times, some of the most successful Law Firms were working in Banking and Finance, but this area has declined during the financial services recession. Corporate Law
firms are usually found in larger capital cities or economic centres. They are often large firms with modern, attractive offices. Frequently, corporate law firms are national or multinational firms. They often also offer similar areas of law; commercial litigation, commercial property or banking.


Many legal secretaries decide to work in Corporate Law firms and make a career in this
area. Why is it such a popular choice?



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  • In London and other large cities, there are an abundance of corporate law firms; so many legal secretaries will find that there are more job opportunities in this area than elsewhere.
  • However, it is not just the abundance of jobs on the market that attracts Legal Secretaries; corporate legal jobs often offer higher salaries and better packages.
    • Corporate Law Firms often have impressive office buildings; some offer on site gyms and even swimming pools.
  • Career opportunities are often much greater at the large corporate law firms. There are many examples of Legal Secretaries getting the opportunity to work in other offices around the world, at multinational Law firms. They also have greater scope to further their career
    through training to become a paralegal or legal executive.

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What is Corporate Law:
Corporate Law is a form of one of the most popular forms of Business Law. This explains why there are so many career opportunities.
Corporate Law addresses all areas of incorporations and running a corporate entity. Therefore, it can look at company formations, issuance of shares, payment of dividends, the issuance of debt securities,
mergers and much more. Each of these areas often interrelates with other areas of law.The majorty of Corporate Lawyers will provide a legal service to companies that are contemplating the purchase or sale of another business. Corporate Lawyers will draw up all the contracts and provide legal information on the potential outcome of the transaction. They can also work with Banks and find necessary funding.Find about how to become a Legal Secretary, with a Legal Secretary Diploma and specialising in Corporate Law with a Corporate Law Course.