How can I find a job without work experience?

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December 18, 2017
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How can I find a job without work experience?

Today we are living in a time where job availability is scarce in a number of industries, while there is a lack of much needed talent in other sectors. Often marked as the biggest employment gap in recorded history, this is also the right time for you to find a job. When searching for a position of your choosing you might be a tad worried that almost every employer requires work experience. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t break you down. Here are a few tips on just how you can find the perfect job without prior work experience in your profession.

How can I find a job without work experience? Legal Secretary Courses

#1 – Use a Similar Position as a Stepping Stone

As aforementioned, there is a particular need for certain career specialist in a handful of industries. While finding your perfect job is the ultimate goal, that doesn’t mean you can’t try out working in another field as a start. Gaining experience in a field similar to yours can help you build up your resume. Plus, you can use such a lower-tier or another position as a stepping stone in your career. For example, you might want to work as a finance professional, but you have no experience. Start working as a receptionist at a finance firm. The pay will be lower, yet you will be able to gain new contacts in the industry. Plus, you might impress your employers and earn a promotion far faster than previously expected.

#2 – Don’t be Afraid to Join Start Ups

New Start Ups are popping up every day. Working for a company that is just starting out has a number of downsides. You might even be required to have duties outside of your current position. Yet, startups are still able to offer great compensation plans. And much like working at a similar position in another industry, working at a startup will help you build up your resume.

#3 – Do Side Work for NGOs

Depending on your desired position, you might be able to gain experience working for free. While everyone needs to be compensated for their work, there is no harm in doing some side work in your field for NGOs. This will show your potential employers that you have the required skills and that you are willing to help others. Plus, NGO experience always works great as an addition to your CV experience.

#4 – Join an Accredited Course

Having a degree in a particular field from a recognized university is always helpful. However, today employers are more keen to hire people for their particular skill set. That’s why, a great option for you would be to join an accredited course for your specific job. The accredited courses at offer are able to help you gain real life work experience. Plus, most of them have social aspects and have connections within particular industries and will be able to help you find a job that much quicker. Having multiple certificates for the particular job you are interested in attached to your CV will help your chances skyrocket. Good luck with your job search.

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