“My Secretary Career”


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I had been in my previous company for many happy years. I had started as a Secretary to one of Line Managers in the Credit Control department. When he left the company, I was promoted to being a Secretary to one of the Directors. This change was exciting as I got to see a lot of the more high level issues that went on in the company. However, after a few years in the same job I was looking for a new challenge. Human Resources worked with my boss to find me a suitable new job. I became a Secretary to a more senior director and took on a greater level of visibility in the company. I loved the job for the exposure that I received and found it very interesting.

However, I did not learn many new skills, as my roles had always been in Secretarial jobs. I had excellent secretary skills, but my mind needed to learn something completely new. It is true that my last role brought exposure to high profile clients and executives, which earned me many new soft skills. However, I still felt that I needed more. When I decided that I needed a change, it was a very difficult choice as my present company could not offer me the promotion I needed as I had risen to the top of my field. I knew that I had to make that decision to leave the company although I loved my colleagues, the company and my years with the company.

The Search for a New Challenge

I started looking for a new job and found many attractive jobs out there for someone with my experience. I was tempted to apply for one that offered more money, but realised that I had to go for something that was more challenging which would require learning extra skills. I knew that I would love
the change and the extra money, but my need for a challenge would not be met. This would mean that I would need another change within a year.


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Become a Legal Secretary


I researched what I could study to enhance my skills and background and easily find a challenging job. It was a tough decision to make as I have not studied for more than a decade. I decided that I could work in the legal industry which is a sound role with many benefits and, of course, good salary. This would fit my previous skill and enable me to learn a whole new field. I soon enrolled on a Legal Secretary Course, part time.

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 I am still in my old job at present. I find the course so stimulating that I hardly wait for the next class. Once I have completed my qualification, I will start to actively look for another job. I am convinced that I have made the right decision.