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June 30, 2014
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Legal Secretaries often have different backgrounds; some come straight to the profession from school, college or legal secretarial training. Meanwhile, others come to the profession from other areas. In essence a good legal secretary will have a good set of administrative, office and legal secretarial skills. Core skills that will also be important include good interpersonal skills, touch typing and Microsoft Word.

How to become a Legal Secretary

A legal secretary rarely will need to have an in-depth knowledge of the law, as lawyers and legal executives will usually handle any aspects of the firm’s work that require legal knowledge. However, a legal secretary will need to understand how to create legal documents and deal with legal software.
Excellent organisational skills are a must as you often have to prepare document to a tight schedule if a transaction is in process. However, you often also maintain a diary for yourself and the fee earning
staff. This requires excellent diarising skills.
“I want to become a Legal Secretary, but do not know how best to train”
The profession is very popular as it offers more interesting work that is also higher paying. Naturally, salary and type of work vary depending on the type of law firms, size of the firm and much more. However, if you are wondering how best to train to get into the legal industry, you could look at taking an industry specific legal secretarial course.

How to become a Legal Secretary? Legal Secretary CoursesCILEx Legal Secretarial Classes

The CILEx qualification is an industry standard for Legal Support Staff, including Legal Secretaries, Paralegals and Legal Execs. The Institute has recently attained a royal charter and it was established in 1892, so it is both respected in the UK and internationally. This pedigree will naturally make any qualification attractive on your CV.
How to become a Legal Secretary? Legal Secretary Courses
However, the CILEx qualification is attractive for a good reason; it has been designed by team of educational and legal experts to create a Legal Secretarial course that is highly practical. The CILEx Level 3, which is the
Legal Secretarial Course, contains many work simulated exercises and ensures that students gain vital understanding of how to deliver legal document correctly to their firm.
CILEx also offers keen Legal Secretaries the option to progress their career to the next levels. This option to move up in your career is an excellent quality. Especially when you consider that it is possible to qualify as a lawyer under the CILEx route, by reaching Level 7.
When you opt to take Legal Secretary Course Level 3, you may opt to improve your typing and Microsoft Word skills. However, this depends on the level of the student.
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