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February 25, 2014
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March 31, 2014
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How to make a career change

A change of career after many years in your role can be
daunting. It needs careful planning once you have made that decision.
How to make a career change Legal Secretary Courses
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You should thoroughly research the job role you are after.
Check the job description for this role in wide cross section of companies. For
example the skills required for a PA’s role can vary greatly with companies but
they do have some common skills namely typing and Microsoft Word.
Once you have ascertained the skills needed, you can then
find those common skills needed by the majority companies. Now have a close at
your skills. Do you have transferable skills? For instance a nanny’s
transferable skills can be been responsible, ability to relate to both the
parents and children, multi task and so forth. Someone in retail would also have
those necessary transferable skills such as client care, communication and so
on. You may not realise you have these skills unless you analyse your job role.
You normally take it for granted that it is part of your job.
How to make a career change Legal Secretary Courses
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The need to bring these skills to the foreground and give
you the confidence in using them would require a training program. Again you
need to research to find a college that fills your needs. You may find you need
a tutor in a classroom environment or you may want to devote time to finish the
course in a short time in order to get into the job market quickly.

You should ask the necessary questions when enquiring about
the course in order to ensure the course fulfils your needs. It is important that
you enrol on the complete package, which are all the subjects needed for the
role you seek. For instance if you would like to work in projects, you should
take the relevant IT required eg Excel. This will ensure that you are fully qualified
for the role. You may not have the experience but it can be shown that you have
fully prepared yourself for your new career.
Ideally you should complete all your training before you seek
employment as you may find it difficult to complete the program if you are
working and you may find you need that valuable Certificate or Diploma at some later
date.Please find more details of career changes and courses to help you at

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