How to decide whether to change careers

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March 31, 2014
How to decide whether to change careers continued
April 30, 2014
We have all been there after a few years of work. Stuck in a job that is going nowhere or bores us or we just dislike the colleagues and culture. However, is it always best to make a break and look for something completely new for a job. Perhaps, it just seems like the outside world has it better. Here are some of the question that you should ask yourself before making a move.
What is the reason for wanting to make a change?
Are you just fed up with current job and perhaps a change of employers or transfer would solve the issue or is it generically the wrong job for you?
How to decide whether to change careers Legal Secretary Courses
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Key reasons for making a change are below:
  • Bored and stuck in same role for too long
  • Lost interest in the type of work
  • Stuck and no moves upwards now or in future
  • Still young enough to make a career
  • No good relationship with colleagues or manager
  • I just need to make a change for so many reasons
Do you really want to make a change to your career?
You should analyse whether it actually is your boss, your current role or the entire nature of your job. It is important to be aware of where your issue with your role lies. You may be able to solve the issue without actually taking another career change, which can be costly.
What work would you aim to do?
If you do not already have a clear idea of what you want to ask yourself some key questions about what you would like your daily role to include and here are some questions.
How to decide whether to change careers Legal Secretary Courses
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  • You prefer less paperwork
  • Vary the people you work with.
  • Work with less people
  • Work in team environment
  • More or less outdoors
  • Less or more travelling
  • Be your own boss
  • Working from home and flexibly
Once you have answered these questions see if this can be done through a change of job, change to nature of existing job or requires a change of career. If this requires a change of career you should look to start to research different jobs that will give you the opportunity to meet your goals.
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