Finding the perfect job and career for you

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Finding the perfect job and career for you

Finding the perfect job is a challenge

Finding the perfect job isn’t always easy, we tend to choose university and college subjects based on either what we’re good at (from school), what we like or what we want to do in terms of our career path. But actually deciding what career path you want to take and then going ahead with this plan can be quite tricky. Many people do say that they ‘fell’ into their jobs, or one thing led to another, or simply that opportunities came up. Some people go looking for very specific jobs or industries and move away from where they were brought up to pursue this. Others simply look around them and try and find a career path or job based on what’s available. Either way, to earn a decent salary and enjoy what you’re doing (and ultimately to achieve) it does take some planning.
Finding the perfect job and career for you Legal Secretary Courses
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Below are three steps that can help you choose your career path.

The career search basics

You need to decide what you actually want to do, what you’re good at, what’s achievable and for each of those options, how you can achieve what you want to achieve. This is a great way to ensure that you will be able to find the perfect job. For example, if you aspire to becoming a teacher, you may not need to instantly decide what type of teacher but you can plan training course opportunities. Then weigh up the pros and cons. You may also need to think about where you want to live or where you need to live e.g. bankers may wish to move close to or into London, New York, Hong Kong etc. What makes you happy and what excites you? What interests you? What can you imagine studying for hours on end?

Experiment with jobs

Now comes the time to experiment with your ideas and opportunities, if you want to work in accounting, how easy is it to get experience? Go out and get some experience and then work out whether this industry, job, way of working, career path and if the options are fitting with you, your lifestyle and your personality.

Is it working?

Continuous evaluation is needed. Once you have tried a few things or once you have started on your chosen path, it may sound a bit odd to change the plan but sometimes things change e.g. you might start studying for a Psychology degree and at the end decide you want to become a nurse – that’s fine, it’s all about opportunities and ultimately what works for you. Nobody wants to spend the rest of their life or sizable chunks of their life doing things day in and day out that they don’t enjoy.
Finding the perfect job and career for you Legal Secretary Courses
It might be hard, but it can be an enjoyable experience, e.g. gaining experience, qualifications and finding the right path for you. No matter what you decide and whatever happens, it’s most important that you’re happy with the decisions you’re making and what you’re doing.
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