How to Get a Legal Secretary Career in the UK

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October 31, 2013
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How to Get a Legal Secretary Career in the UK

I have worked as a trainer for Legal Secretaries for several years now and in several colleges. If you would like to know more about Legal Secretary Course look here: There is one question that I am often asked, which is ‘How Do I Become a Legal Secretary’.
Here is a quick and easy answer, there is no set way. I know of many who left their schools or colleges with no legal secretarial qualification and just their GCSEs and worked their way up through experience.
However, the numbers that achieve this now is dropping, as people are getting more skilled and qualified. On the other hand, I know of many law graduates who opted to get jobs as Legal Secretaries for a variety of reasons. Therefore, the level of education and experience of an entry legal secretary is vast.
How to Get a Legal Secretary Career in the UK Legal Secretary Courses
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The CILEx Qualification
However, taking all of that into account, the easiest route into becoming a Legal Secretary is through a course. There are numerous courses out there on the market, but you should look for one that has extensive practical exercises and a widely recognised qualification. CILEx meets their criteria their Level 2 and Level 3 qualification are aimed to nurture Legal Secretaries through extensive practical exercises.
How to Get a Legal Secretary Career in the UK Legal Secretary Courses
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When you chose your CILEx course provider you should ensure that they have an experienced and qualified Legal Trainer. Specifically what is good about CILEx? The Charted Institute of Legal Executives was founded in 1892 and due to its long standing high level of legal education it was given a Royal Charter. As a result of its establishment, it is also recognised as an industry standard by many legal firms and recruitment agents. This is because it covers so many areas of Legal work and also consolidates it through tried and tested practical exercises.
Apart from being long standing and recognised around the UK and abroad, CILEx also offers the opportunity to continue studying. You can actually continue to the level of a lawyer and other more senior legal roles. This option means that your career prospects are always open.


  1. Legge Geuter says:

    Legge Geuter Ltd is a recruitment agency based in Worcester and we help candidates find the legal secretary position that is right for them. What we often find is that whilst CILEx is great for supporting applications, it is still the practical (employed) work experience that almost always adds the most weight to applications.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for your comment. However, the focus of the article is for people looking for their first legal secretarial position and comparing the different qualifications out there. In this scenario, there will be no experience in the legal field. However, I agree that experience is very important, once it has been attained. The CILEx qualification and relevant experience with transferable skills are going to strengthen the CV of new Legal Secretaries.

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