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November 30, 2013
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December 31, 2013
For many reasons, Interviews are often the most daunting moments of our careers. Let us point out what makes them so nerve racking. Firstly, we are being assessed and no one likes to be examined by a standard by which they may not be deemed good enough. Secondly, we are aiming to get a job that can often change our living standard and career path. Finally, we are meeting strangers who are often important. Therefore, when you are preparing for an interview it is essential that you prepare yourself adequately, so that you can ensure that you can cope with any interview nerves that you may have.
What is the best way to overcome your nerves?
Some of the methods are quite easy. Plan your trip and leave a contingency of time of arrival. The worst thing that you can do at an interview is be late and the stress caused by rushing to an interview will make you all the more nervous. The day before try to plan your route out carefully.
Preparing for a job interview Legal Secretary Courses
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Research the company so that you can improve your confidence if a question on the company comes up. It is great to ask a question about the company demonstrating your research and knowledge. Check the type of interview you are undertaking and prepare accordingly. If you have a competency interview with questions similar to, ‘tell me an example of when you worked in a team?’ you should have some model answers at the ready. You can research various examples of the types of competency questions on the internet and on jobsites. The more prepared you are, the more confident you will feel and the better the interview is likely to go. If you do not have a competency question, be sure to go through some example questions on the internet and be absolutely clear of the details on your CV. Remember questions like why are leaving your job is very likely to come up and it are a potential stumbling block for many people. You should make sure that you have prepared these model answers well before attending a formal job interview.
This has been written using feedback from many of my students’ experiences, but it is not an exhaustive list for preparation for an interview. Please go to www.souterstraining.com if you would like to see some of the courses I provide.

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