How to prepare for Job Interviews: Common Questions PART ONE

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June 21, 2013
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July 22, 2013
Interviews are stressful and very difficult to handle. Many of us become very nervous in our interviews; this is detrimental as only when you are relaxed can you think about your answers clearly. You should prepare for Job Interviews.
When you have been to a few job interviews, you realise that there is certainly a clear pattern to the types of questions that are asked. Given that, it should be possible for you to practice some question and get some good answers; practice with someone, before your interview. This will increase your confidence and ease your nerves. If you are relaxed in an interview, you will do much better.
Here are some key questions that come up in many interviews.
Tell me about yourself.
This is used to set a first impression of you and the type of person that you are. It also helps to get the conversation going on the right path. This is very common and most people would have encountered this
question. Do not be put off by it and try to give too much detail. Just pre-plan what elements of your life, experience and skills are most relevant and talk about them.
How to prepare for Job Interviews: Common Questions PART ONE Legal Secretary Courses
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Why did you leave your last job?
Here you should be clear as to why you are looking to move or need a job. Do not say you want more money, but talk about the job being interesting or a career progression. Do not be negative about your last employer as this will not impress an interviewer. Try to find positive reasons for any changes.
What do you know about this company?
Find out about the company on the website or in the news. Focus on the positives and use this as an opportunity to show that you have researched the company. This will show that you are keen to work there and are not just looking for a job.
How to prepare for Job Interviews: Common Questions PART ONE Legal Secretary Courses
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Tell me about the relevant experience that you have?
This is not an issue if you are applying for a very similar job type, but where you are making a change you will need to pay attention to this point. On the face of your CV, it may not be obvious as to what your
relevant experience is. For example, if you are applying to have a customer facing job after being in an office job, you may need to highlight your interactions with managers and other departments. This will show some great people skills, but this can vary greatly between roles. Sit down and carefully consider this answer.
I am a trainer at a London training centre for vocational education, with the intention of getting students into new jobs. I will write another part to this shortly.

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