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January 20, 2014
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Here are some sample interview questions and answers.

Q. Why do you want to work for this company? Why are you interested in this job?
The interviewer is checking if you have researched the company by reading information on the company’s website or just aimlessly applying for a job. He also needs to know of your commitment to the job and, of course, he will check you have the skills as required for the job requirements. Your research will be obvious from your answers to questions and also the questions you will ask about the company.  You need to say positive things about the company and show your interest in what they offer. Also
explain why the position fits with your career goals.
Q. Have you done this kind of work before?
The interviewer would like to know of your experience although this is on your CV; you need to expound on this siting past work experience. If you have not done this work before, then you need to stress that you do learn quickly and are willing to learn with training.  You need to mention any transferable skills in past work experience or any voluntary work that relate to the job. These can greatly help you in securing the job.
Q. What kind of training or qualifications do you have?
The interviewer needs to know of your school certificates. Should you have no formal school qualifications but have a lot of experience, you should say that you have no qualifications but you do have so many years’ experience in this field and you are willing to learn whether by enrolling on a course or with any in-house training. If you have completed a course, you should mention this together with the relevant subjects covered. You should elaborate on this point by stating the time devoted to the course, the name of the qualification and the school; also you have completed this course in order to prepare yourself for this job role.
Q. Tell me about yourself. Why should we hire you?
The interviewer does not want to know about your social life. He wants to know if you will be an asset to the company so mention in detail those skills you will bring into the company, giving examples to support these skills. You should express yourself confidently. Do not forget to mention your best qualifications for the job.
Interview Questions and Answers Legal Secretary Courses
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