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What is a Legal Executive Job?

In case you have been involved with law or are actively pursuing a career in law, you might have come across the position of a legal executive. In fact, most people wondering how to get jobs in law end up pursuing that position. But why is this the case and what exactly does the position represent? Here’s what you need to know.

What is a Legal Executive Job? Legal Secretary CoursesWhat defines a Legal Executive?

A Legal executive refers to a job position as a legal professional in a certain jurisdiction. Most often, people in such a position are required to have a minimum of 3 years of vocational training on top of their college education. Of course, this widely depends on the country in which you are applying to. What’s more, in different countries the position is associated with different membership bodies. What separates a legal executive from other jobs in law is the specialization of the legal executive. A person in such a position usually specializes in a particular branch of law.

What are the required skills for a Legal Executive? On top of your legal qualifications, any employer on the lookout for a legal executive wants their potential employees to have the right skillset needed for the position. If you are to become a legal executive by searching for how to get jobs in law, you also have to be aware of the skills required in the profession. These include excellent communication skills, accuracy and attention to detail and more. Here’s a list of just some of the most important skills you should have, if you want to work at such a position.

  • excellent communication skills
  • administrative and IT skills
  • accuracy and attention to detail
  • research skills
  • an organised approach
  • the ability to work under pressure

What does a Legal Executive do?

Working as a legal executive you will most often specialize in a certain branch of law. Depending on your specialization, you will have different duties. Nevertheless, in most cases, your work will revolve around the legal matters in your specific area. This includes work such as advising your clients and explaining the legal matters to them, contacting certain professionals or their lawyers on behalf of your clients and more. Preparing contracts, drawing up wills, writing to clients, preparing bills for clients and representing clients in court are also some of the tasks you might indulge in working as a legal executive. Often, you will also have to research and summarize legal information for your clients as well. Here are a few explanations on some branches of law and the work involved for a legal executive.

  • conveyancing – the legal side of buying and selling property
  • probate – wills, trusts and inheritance tax
  • family law – divorce and children’s matters
  • civil litigation – disputes between people
  • criminal law – defence or prosecution of people accused of crimes
  • company and business law – tax, contracts and employment law

A lot of people want to know how to get jobs in law and the answer above all else is proper qualification and education. The same is true for a legal executive.

It is not easy to become a Legal Executive and often we need to work up from another job. You can train to become a Legal Secretary here.

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