Legal Secretarial Careers: Why I became a Legal Secretary
January 30, 2015
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February 28, 2015
Many of us would like to work in law. There are many motivations, watching crime dramas with high powered lawyers, awareness that the industry generates many well paid jobs and the glamour of working at a big law firms are some of the reasons. However, without a law degree and having left full-time education being a lawyer may not be the option. However, attractive jobs such as Legal Secretary Jobs can be attainable and offer great careers for many who choose them. All the same it is not easy to become a Legal Secretary, as it requires training, legal skills and practical experience.

How do I become a Legal Secretary in London?

You can become a Legal Secretary throughout the UK, by taking the CILEx Legal Secretary Level 3 qualification. CILEx was founded in 1892 and it is the industry standard for training legal support staff, from Legal Secretaries to Paralegals, Legal Executives and even through to the level of Lawyers. Yes, you can progress up the CILEx qualification to become a lawyer.
The qualification is preferred by many firms due to its focus on practical competence. The qualification requires numerous practical assignments and exercises that will ensure that each newly qualified legal
secretary has the skills to start their new career with a head start.The qualification addresses how to produce legal documents, deal with legal forms and deliver other legal secretarial specific skills. This
is very important to a law firms as it cuts down on the need to train new starters and enables the Legal Secretaries to be an asset to the firm early.

CILEx Legal Secretarial Qualifications

This is the main reason for the CILEx qualifications popularity and the fact that many firms say CILEx is preferred or essential on a job prospect.
If you are having doubts about taking the CILEx Level 3 Legal Secretary qualification, you should consider what your work and educational background is. Ideally, you should have good administrative skills, such as good Word skills and typing skills. These are essential for creating legal documents. It is possible to learn these skills during the CILEx Legal Secretary programme, but it is easier to have already gained these administrative skills, if you want to pass quickly. Therefore, if you do not
possess the Secretarial skills you should look to pass a Secretarial PA or Admin course prior to starting the CILEx course. This will make it easier for you to succeed and move on quickly.
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