How do I become a Legal Secretary? Why is it a good choice?

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July 22, 2013
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August 31, 2013
Many prospective Legal Secretaries ask themselves if it is worth the time to study to become a Legal Secretary. In order to help answer this question it is important to look at what benefits there are to becoming a Legal Secretary.

Legal Secretary Jobs

Better Pay

Many Legal Secretary jobs pay well. This applies mainly to Legal Secretary jobs in large firms, specialist firms and especially Commercial Law firms. They can often offer many new legal secretaries a much greater pay package than they experienced in more general administrative roles. Naturally, it is not always the case, as there are areas of law that are more vocational and do not naturally attract pay. Firms in the regions do not always pay as well as the big London firms.

Defined and Stable Career


How do I become a Legal Secretary? Why is it a good choice? Legal Secretary Courses
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Legal Secretary jobs and training will provide people with a more specialised and defined skill set that will often offer a more stable career progress. This should mean that it will be easier to find good jobs in
the future.

There are several other benefits to becoming a Legal Secretary. The ability to gain a job title with greater seniority attracts many to Legal Secretarial work. Furthermore, legal work can lead to further training and progress up the career ladder. The workload can often be more interesting if you manage to find a law firm that covers areas of law which are interesting to you.

Now that we have established the benefits of becoming a Legal Secretary, it is worth evaluating why CILEx is a good way to qualify as a Legal Secretary.


How do I become a Legal Secretary? Why is it a good choice? Legal Secretary Courses
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CILEx is an internationally recognised Institute for the training of Legal Professionals and it has a Royal Charter, due to its establishment in 1892. They can train Legal Executives, Legal Secretaries, Paralegals and more senior Legal roles. This means that choosing the CILEx Legal Secretary qualification is famous within the Legal industry and accepted by many firms as an industry standard.
There is a high level of emphasis on practical work, so it makes sure that you will hold a high level of job readiness if you successfully complete the exercises. This means that Legal Secretaries, Paralegals and
others are more attractive to employers than those who have taken training that lack the practice exercises.

They expect you to have work experience and enable you to take the training in conjunction with full-time work. Therefore, you do not need to stop working in order to take this training package.

The qualification also means that you have the option to go on and study and achieve higher levels of Legal Support roles. Therefore, you always have the option of career promotion even to the point of becoming a solicitor.

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