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I have been qualified as a Legal Secretary for four years now and I work in major law firm in Central London. I worked at first as a team secretary and now I work exclusively with a team of four fee earners. I enjoy my job but I wanted to share my work experience to give an insight into the life of a Legal Secretary in a large firm.

Legal Secretary Careers

Firstly my background is typical of many of my Legal Secretarial and Paralegals in my office. I took CILEx Level 3 – Legal Secretarial Certificate. The qualification served me well, as I had a good amount of practical experience working as a Legal Secretary.  I also understood legal practices well, so it made me more convincing in the job interviews that I attended. I thoroughly recommend the qualification, as it has served me well.
A day for a Legal Secretary in London Legal Secretary Courses
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Here is a look now at my day, I got the train at 7:35 this morning as it was a little late. I take the train to Cannon Street and arrive there normally around 8:30. However, that all depends on the trains. I have to
be at work by 9:00, but I am usually there by around 8:40 or so. This is different to my previous role that required me being at work from 8:30. There are several reasons for the later start in this role. Many of our clients are on a different time zone and also my fee earners prefer a later start and to work later if need be.

My Day at work

On arrival in the office, I deal with all mails and handle the mailboxes of my fee earners. I also check the schedule of all fee earners and ensure that their meeting bookings have been catered for. All of my fee earners are in the office at the moment. This is easier for me as it means that I do not have to coordinate travel or provide 24 hour support, which has happened in the past.
The first clients came in at 10:30, so I provided the meet and great service for my manager and showed them through to the meeting room. The fee earner was running slightly behind schedule, so I had to handle this situation for him, by entertaining the clients. After that, I had to complete some legal forms and arrange for some transcription to be produced for another client. This took me up to lunch.
I will continue with my afternoon…….
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