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Legal Secretary Job or PA Jobs?

When searching for higher paid jobs in London people are often drawn towards becoming a Legal Secretary. Compared to simply being a Personal Assistant, being a Legal Secretary not only sounds more prestigious, but often results in a higher salary. Nevertheless, while at first there might not be that many differences between the two positions, to be working as a Legal Secretary in London involves bigger requirements and involves dealing with legal documentation, bundle preparation and more. If you are split between searching for PA Jobs in London or a Legal Secretary Job in London, here are a few tips to help you make up your mind.

The Differences Between Personal Assistant and Legal Secretary

When searching for PA or Legal Secretary jobs in London, you will find that the position seem quite similar at the surface. Both the PA and Legal Secretary are responsible for helping with the management and organization of daily tasks. Nevertheless, Legal Secretaries do usually have more duties than PAs. Such duties include, but are not limited to, the preparation of legal documentation and bundle preparation. What’s more, a legal secretary is often required to have a background in the legal industry or have an education in the legalities of the UK. In fact, there are a lot of differences between the two positions.

Legal Secretary Job or PA Jobs? Legal Secretary Courses

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What does a Legal Secretary Do?

The term Legal Secretary is often used to describe a variety of positions. Usually, a Legal Secretaries provide assistance to law firms. Nevertheless, assistants to firms or individuals, who act as a personal assistant, but serve the purpose of preparing and dealing with legal documentation are also defined as legal secretary.

Usually, the duties of a legal secretary include the following among others.

  • Preparation of Documents
  • Organizing the Work Flow
  • Time Management
  • Legal Documentation Preparation

What does a PA Do?

Personal Assistants are individuals who deal with the scheduling of meetings, the daily management of an individual or a firm, correspondence and note taking. A PA is also a relatively broad term, but PAs are usually people who help executives or other staff be able to organize and manage their work better.

Usually, the duties of a PA include the following among others.

  • Time and Daily Management
  • Note Taking
  • Help with Correspondence
  • Scheduling of Meetings

Is being a PA better than being a Legal Secretary?

There can’t be a simple answer to the question of whether or not PA is an overall better position than Legal Secretary and it often comes down to the preferences of the individual. If you want to be working as a Legal Secretary in London, chances are that going for a PA will be the better option for you. This is, because PAs often get the same salary as a Legal Secretary, while the Legal Secretary job involves a lot more work. Find out about getting CPD Accredited Legal Secretary Diploma and becomeing a qualified Legal Secretary.

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