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November 30, 2015
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Get A Legal Secretary Job in London

The legal industry has been booming in London with the economic recovery well underway. During the banking crisis Legal was hit hard by a loss of corporate and commercial spending from large financial institutions. What did this mean for Legal Secretaries?
It meant that Legal Secretary, Paralegal and other legal support roles were not really growing much. People already in the roles still enjoyed an excellent career but others who had unluckily failed to land the legal jobs were struggling to get their foot in the door of a prestigious industry.
However, now that we have seen a few year of recovery, the Legal Industry is requiring more staff and the opportunities for inexperienced Legal Secretaries, Paralegals and Legal Executives are growing in London.

So if you want to make the move to the legal industry what should you do?

Get A Legal Secretary Job in London Legal Secretary Courses
Get a qualification from a recognised body. One such body that is often insisted on by law firms for their Legal Secretaries is CILEx. CILEx was established in 1892 and has a Royal Charter, to reflect its longevity and excellence in the delivery of legal education. The CILEx qualification has multiple levels. CILEx Level 2 is introductory and ideal for people with limited exposure to Administration or Secretarial work. CILEX Level 3 is the Legal Secretarial Certificate or Diploma Courses and it is provides learners with the skills needed to be a competent Legal Secretary. If you look through Legal Secretary or Paralegal Job postings they often stipulate CILEx qualifications are needed.

Why is CILEx so important?
CILEx is a qualification with a high level of practical and legal theory content. The level of practical content ensures that a Legal Secretary is fully prepared for working in the Legal Offices in London. This is reason why CILEx is such a sought after qualification.

Get A Legal Secretary Job in London Legal Secretary Courses

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You can study the CILEx qualification at Souters in London or by distance learning. We only have trained Lawyers and Barristers as our tutors to ensure that students get the highest expertise.
Go to CILEx Legal Secretary Courses to find out more

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