How Do I Become A Legal Secretary

Advice on Preparing for Job Interviews for Legal Secretaries
January 16, 2013
Legal Secretaries or Legal PAs are in demand. It is an attractive career as it often brings a high salary. The work is frequently interesting and challenging. Hence, many people strive to become Legal Secretaries. However, landing your first job in the Legal Secretarial Industry can prove to be very difficult. This is due to Law Firms tend to favour candidates who have had some knowledge of law or those with some working experience. Law Firms are often constrained by resources and find it almost impossible to train candidates, so they prefer candidates with experience or knowledge.

Legal Secretarial Training

A Legal Secretary course is the most effective way of gaining access into a Law Firm for someone with no experience. Several training companies provide these courses, but care must be taken to ensure they are geared to the needs of Law Firms. Some companies work closely with Law Firms and gear their courses to comply with the needs of the Law Firm. This means that the candidate can have a three of six month internship with the firm. This internship can benefit the candidate who may then be offered a permanent position with the firm; failing this they now have the much sought after work experience and will have little difficulty in finding a job with another Law Firm.

PAs, Admin Staff and Secretaries

The Legal Secretary course is ideal for candidates working in non law firms, but have related administrative skills. This can include PAs, secretaries, administrators or office managers who have all the relevant skills such as IT, Audio, Typing and administration.Non Administrative Staff

The Legal Secretary Course plus a Secretary or PA Course is ideal for candidates with no secretarial experience. Here IT, Audio and Typing should be included. You may opt for courses that cover several areas of law which will broaden your options in the job market. Obviously this is a longer course but
it can be your gateway into a Law Firm.

Legal Trained Professionals

It can be difficult to find a job in Legal and many candidates with advanced legal qualifications find work as Legal Secretaries. Their weakness is that they may lack Secretarial skills, so Secretarial Course that covers Office Skills, Audio Transcription and Typing will be ideal, if they want to get into a Law Firm as a Legal Secretary.

How Do I Become A Legal Secretary Legal Secretary Courses

Promotion and scope to advance

Over time, there are options to move into the role of a Paralegal or Legal Executive for anyone with ambition to gain more a specialised role. The Paralegal often researches legal cases and assist the lawyer in preparing cases. The Legal Executive deals with clients and deputise for lawyers whenever the occasion arises.

Advice on finding a good qualification

Finally, to become a Legal Secretary, a good course and qualification are essential so do not let those firms that want to hire experience put you off. Avoid courses that focus heavily on legal theory, as this is less important to a majority of Law Firms that are hiring an entry level Legal Secretary. You need to just be sure that the qualification focuses on practical skills, which is what is in demand as it reflects your ability to deal with the reality of working in a Law Firm.

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