Microsoft Word Skills for Legal Secretaries

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September 30, 2015
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Microsoft Word Skills for Legal Secretaries

Microsoft Word is a legal secretary’s best friend. It plays a big part in their work life and without it, life can turn from order into absolute disaster. They need it to perform their daily tasks efficiently and effectively.

Microsoft Word Skills for Legal Secretaries Legal Secretary Courses

Legal secretaries need to:

  • Produce legal documents- Legal documents must be produced in a way that is suitable for the legal business environment as certain formats and structures must be adhered to. This ensures consistency and professionalism.


  • Prepare bundles for court- Bundles require a tremendous amount of time to create and to make copies for different parties. Therefore, to save some time, legal secretaries should be skilled in the use of keyboard shortcuts in Word.


  • Type letters to clients- A template for letters can be created so that it can be used again, if necessary. Again, this saves time.


  • Write formal letter- Letters to clients must be pitch-perfect and must not contain spelling errors. The help of a spell check tool in Word can correct this problem.

Anyone can use Word, but not anyone can use it well. It’s like giving a soldier a sword- they can use it but can they use it to the best of their ability? They need the skills which can be developed. Essentially, using Word well and skilfully means you are able to operate the software like it is second nature to you. Life as a legal secretary would feel like a smooth ride to happy land.

Microsoft Word Skills for Legal Secretaries Legal Secretary Courses

To master this skill, you must learn from the experts. Souters offer an accredited Microsoft training which will equip you for all your needs. Not only will you fully cover how to operate Microsoft word, you will also cover other essential software packages such as Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook and more. For more details, click here.

Of course, those skills can help land you on a secretarial job. But to double your chances of becoming a legal secretary, it is recommended that you take CILEX legal secretarial courses (level 2 or level 3) which are well-recognised within the legal profession. It will no doubt help you to stand out from the crowd.

Once you’ve completed the courses and have mastered the skills, you automatically increase your chances of being hired as a Legal Secretary. The reason being, realistically, employers want to hire staff who can come in and hit the ground running as opposed to engaging in lengthy training processes.

Microsoft Word Skills for Legal Secretaries Legal Secretary Courses

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