What do I need to become an Executive Assistant in the Netherlands?

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What do I need to become an Executive Assistant in the Netherlands?

Are you wondering if you have what it takes to apply for executive assistant jobs in the Netherlands after seeing some interesting roles listed? Here is a guide to how do I become an Executive Assistant in the Netherlands.

The role of executive assistant is an important function in any workplace, irrespective of the country, and requires candidates to have a general range of skills as well as specific experience in some areas.

Reporting to a higher-level management post, the role demands you be a confident person with a sound knowledge of the business environment.

By this, we mean that you should:

  • know about what the company does, what markets it operates in and the process by which the company makes money.
  • understand the ethos that drives the company and be able to follow this.
  • understand the structure of the company including its various stakeholders.
  • recognise the company‚Äôs business plan and goals.

How do I become an Executive Assistant in the Netherlands

Often trusted to deal with sensitive and confidential matters, you will also need to be able to interact with people in various roles across the business; from senior management to administrative staff and field workers. Some positions demand a wider range of communication skills and expect their executive assistants to be able to report at board level.

This requires great interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate in different ways. We find that people who are confident and are able to listen are better suited for executive assistant jobs.

In the Netherlands, the role is a vital one and requires high level administrative skills which calls for organised and methodical individuals. However, those candidates with a flair for creative problem solving will also find their skills in demand.

Excellent written and oral skills are a must, as is a sound knowledge of the core Office software programs such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint; computer literacy in general is a must.

What do I need to become an Executive Assistant in the Netherlands? Legal Secretary CoursesThe specifics of the role will vary depending on the organisation but the position demands someone who is able to multitask whilst maintaining a focused and pro-active outlook. Attention to detail is also one of the key elements of executive assistant careers.

In the Netherlands, teamwork is a big part of any office environment and the ability to work closely with others is a must. That being said, individuals should also be confident and competent in being able to organise their own time and be self-motivated.

The demands of an executive assistant for careers in the Netherlands often demands multilingual skills and successful candidates are usually required to be able to speak English and Dutch to Business Level. Though not essential, knowledge of other languages can be a big advantage.

For the right candidate, this type of job offers a busy and challenging workload with plenty of variation, responsibility and opportunities for career development. The position usually offers training and has the potential to be an important step for motivated individuals to rise higher in an organisation. Find out about Executive Assistant Training in the Netherlands.

In short, executive assistant careers in the Netherlands can be both rewarding and fulfilling with competitive salaries to suit the demands of this demanding but vital role.

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