This is the time for New Years’ Resolutions.

Many of us will be considering new diets or joining a gym to get fitter.

But what about a new job or career path?

Only you can control your path through life but to make changes you have to make conscious moves to attain your goals.




Quite often your goal to get super fit will not last once you cancel the direct debit to the gym; your goal to lose a number of pounds may not be long lasting. BUT conscious moves to upgrade or improve your career will last once you have made the switch.


When labour was in short supply in the sixties, getting a job was easy; you did not need any particular training as this would be provided on the job. Today however employers expect applicants to have their
skills in place. A vague idea about getting another type of job no longer works; you need to build your own skill bank in preparation.

Here is a way that can work for some of us when planning a change.

Your first move is to think of your ideal job then search the internet for some sample job descriptions. The next step is to visualise yourself in that role and think of what it might be like on a daily basis. Next, see what transferable skills you already have from your previous experience and training, most people are better equipped here than they think. You can then check for training providers with courses which will fill your gaps and which will bolster your confidence; ideally a course which can also help you with your CV and interview techniques.

Some good courses for office support staff can be:




This is an area where previous education and job experience can be adapted to many situations with a short course to focus you for the practicalities and legal requirements of the job.
You may need to add on some related computer skills training.


Secretarial and PA

These jobs can pay well these days and a modern EA can be the core link in a fast growth   company. Look for courses led by a live trainer with previous PA experience to give you the inside track. There are many online and PC based courses which do not fit this ticket.


Office Management


If you have previous management experience in other sectors you may be able to adapt this with a suitable Office Manager Course; look for a live course with job experienced trainers;
online or computer based training is not as effective


Legal Secretary


Be careful here to choose the right qualification. CILEx training is recognised across the industry and hirers are very particular about this, so do your research. CILEx Level 3 relates to Legal Secretaries, the qualification is very thorough.
You can find out about all of these courses at