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March 28, 2015
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A good Office Manager or Administrator should be aware of the difference between an assistant who just gets the job done or the one who has the flair and qualities for strategic thinking. It is very common for the strategic thinker to be overlooked or their skills being taken for granted instead of looking at it as an asset. Regardless of where you place yourself, it is your responsibility to develop your skills in order to progress your career. There are many people who find good job position with the London Office Administrator Careers category.

Finding a Admin Job

Your aim is to gain the necessary skills and knowledge which will, in turn, give you the confidence to make the right decisions while you face the day to day challenges in the office. These skills will make you a valuable assistant to the Office Manager or Administrator and the department.
Maximise your career as Office Administrator Legal Secretary Courses

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Obviously, you should let your manager be aware of any training your have undertaken independently as they will then be comfortable to give you extra tasks. You will also have the confidence to assist your manager and handle these tasks a lot easier. In turn, your manager should give you extra training to comply with the company’s protocol. Completing these extra tasks will reinforce his belief and reliance in you and can also lead to that promotion.

London Office Administration Careers

You will find that you can easily deputise for the manager in his or her absence and have their support with any strategic problems you face. Your working relationship will grow from strength to strength as you work together towards one goal. You support each other and, more importantly, it allows you to develop your talent. This relationship will benefit you as it will reduce your stress level as well as your manager’s. The company will benefit too as they will now have a loyal and valued employee.
In order to ensure you are both working from the same page, you should encourage communication by sitting with a coffee. It may be a short time but it is precious time to you so have a clear idea of what you need to discuss.
You need to understand any new task you are asked to undertake so ask questions in the first meeting. Your manager will not appreciate if you are continually running back to get for guidance.
The self-sufficient manager may be very busy and find it difficult to have the time to update you so, you may suggest he bcc you in order to bring you up to speed with events in the office. But, do remember,
nothing surpasses that one-on-one meeting.
Finally as you learn new skills and you take on more responsibilities, you will have immense satisfaction within yourself. You will also have great respect for that manager who helped you along the way whether directly or indirectly.
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