Prepare for a Job Interview

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November 30, 2016
Practicing for a Job Interview
December 31, 2016
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Prepare for a Job Interview

Prepare for a Job Interview: Do your research

  • Learn about the company – it will impress your interviewer if you aware of recent projects, positive news or successes your potential new employer has been involved with.
  • Understand the Job Description of the role you are being interviewed for.
  • Use Linked In, Glass Door and other careers advice websites to obtain all relevant information for the position you are interviewing for. Salary expectations, qualifications, training courses, roles and responsibilities will likely all be discussed during the interview.
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Anticipate the questions, by preparing the best answers

You are being interviewed because your interviewer believes your experience and qualifications are suitable for a job position.

However, the aim of the interview is to convince the interviewer of not just your suitability, but why you are the best candidate.

It is vitally important to realise the interview will not likely hinge on any one aspect, but rather the impression built up of you by your answers, questions, personality and how you come across during the interview.

So, the more you anticipate any questions you may be asked, the better your opportunity are to impress if you have “killer answers” to them.

Think of each answer as a step up a staircase, and even if you feel you may have not answered a question as good as you would have liked, keep positive and make the next answer count.

You will likely be asked a combination of question types, such as:-

  • Personality questions – these are to allow the interviewer to know about you, your personality and how you work. Expect to be asked to describe your management style, what personal qualities you have, how you handle difficult people, and many similar examples to let the interviewer imagine you in the job based on your answers.
  • Competency questions – these will be relevant to the position and your suitability for it. How has your experience made you the best candidate for this job? How will employing you prove advantageous for the company?

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