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How to prepare for a job interview and not be nervous

The majority of people are nervous when attending a job interview. It’s always at the forefront of our thoughts to appear confident and self-assured, however when we become nervous, it is sometimes difficult to articulate our thoughts and to prevent our hands from shaking.

How to prepare for a job interview and not be nervous Legal Secretary Courses

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There are several reasons you may be feeling apprehensive about your interview:

  • You don’t feel confident about your abilities and feel you may not reach the interviewer’s expectations
  • You feel intimidated by any other candidates
  • This may be your first interview and you’re not sure what to expect
  • You are generally a shy person
  • You feel you haven’t prepared enough for the interview

You won’t have anything to worry about if you make some preparations beforehand.  It’s probable that the interviewer is also slightly nervous, just as you are! Some interviewers make an evaluation and possible decision during the first 5-10 minutes of meeting you.

Get ready – be prepared

One of the first things to consider is your appearance and to choose an appropriate outfit.  If you are attending an interview for a PA job in London, dress smartly, a nice, smart suit is a good idea. Don’t wear a flashy tie, ensure that your outfit is ironed and avoid lots of jewellery. Prepare your outfit the night before so you won’t rush on the morning of your interview.

Carry out some advance research on the role and the company. Search on the company website, discover the location of their offices, the names of their executives. Ensure that you have copies of your CV and relevant certificates should they be asked for and prepare any evidence of your skills and competencies.

Practice Role Play

You may be asked a few questions by your interviewer, such as “Why are you qualified for this job?” Think about your answer to this, and any other possible questions you may be asked; stand in front of a mirror and answer them. Role play allows you to focus on your mannerisms and gives your confidence a boost. Continue with role play practice until you overcome any nervous habits, such as fidgeting or nervous speech patterns and repetition.

You could also ask a friend to ask you questions and practice giving your answers. This type of practice and scenarios are covered for many trainees when they take an Executive PA course or a Secretary Course with us.

Remember to pause

During the interview, you may begin to feel flustered if you are asked a question. Take a moment to gather your thoughts, raise your confidence and calm your nerves. Try to remember the answering techniques you practiced. To help you sound more confident, take time with your speech, don’t rush with words. Pause at the end of your sentences and take a couple of deep breaths.

Make eye contact with your interviewer, especially when answering one of their questions. Make sure that you are sitting comfortably but ensure that your posture is strong and upright, don’t slouch.

Leave a lasting impression

Finally – make sure you try to enjoy your job interview. End the interview with a confident smile, and a firm handshake with your interviewer. This will send the right signals to your prospective employer that you are enthusiastic and confident about the job.

Good luck with your job hunting!

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