Association of Certified Legal Secretaries Courses

Association of Certified Legal Secretaries offers Accredited “Association of Certified Legal Secretaries” Legal Secretary Training Courses in London. This course is available in a classroom environment with an experienced lawyer as your tutor. The “Association of Certified Legal Secretaries” is a professional Institute that accredits and certifies high quality training programmes. The standard is accepted by the Law Society and Solicitor’s Regulation Authority as a standard for professional development.

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Accredited Legal Secretary Certificates and Diplomas

What are the benefits

  • You can gain a globally recognised legal secretarial qualification
  • Your certification will be from the “Association of Certified Legal Secretaries” Standards Institute
  • The “Association of Certified Legal Secretaries” Standard Institution and “Association of Certified Legal Secretaries” training is well recognised in the legal industry. “Association of Certified Legal Secretaries” Training is a requirement for solicitors and other high level professionals. Thus, legal circles recognise and place weight on “Association of Certified Legal Secretaries” Certificates and Diplomas.
  • Souters is long establishment and high level of respect for training legal secretaries at many law firms.
  • Furthermore, you gain from the guidance of trainers who are qualified lawyers.
  • The course is highly practical and it prepares you for the job.
  • You will gain the skills and confidence to deal well with a legal secretary job.
  • Souters updates course material to changing industry requirements. Consequently, the course material is highly relevant to the requirements of the legal industry.

Career Case Studies

How I Got a Job After My Legal Secretary Course?

Karen is a legal secretary in Brighton. She took our CPD Accredited Legal Secretary Course after a redundancy. She got a job before even finishing her course. Read about Karen HERE.