Online Legal Secretary Courses

Association of Certified Legal Secretaries – Accredited Legal Secretary Training Online

The Association of Certified Legal Secretaries Standards Institute fully accredits online Legal Secretary courses. We deliver our training courses through our training partners. Our training partners are required to deliver the training to the highest levels and legal training staff must be of Lawyers or have a similar level of qualification.

The Association of Certified Legal Secretaries online training is supported remotely by high qualified and experienced tutors. This ensures that you gain from real legal expertise and sound understanding of the legal support a Lawyer expects from Legal Secretaries.


This qualification is widely recognised. Our training providers are well known as a specialist provider of Legal Secretary training. Many law firms opt to send their staff for our Legal Secretary Training Courses, which confirms the high level of respect our courses hold in the industry.

The course material is highly practical and relevant to the job of a Legal Secretary. You can opt for a Certificate Course or a Diploma, depending on your preference. However, our training partners do offer Classroom Courses in London, if you prefer face to face tuition.

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