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August 30, 2014
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School Leavers Careers

This September there are likely to be many people who have finished their A Levels or GCSEs and would like to find a job. This is increasingly the case nowadays as many would be university students opt to work over going to University. This is pattern that is emerging since the government decided to increase University fees and take away subsidies. The prospect of starting work with large debts did not bide well with many young people and they are increasingly seeking to start working after A Levels.

School Leavers looking for Careers Legal Secretary Courses
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Falling into low paid work

The unfortunate fact is that it is difficult for a school leaver to translate their A Levels or GCSEs into work relevant qualifications that can give them the best job available on the market. All too many students end up working in low paying jobs. This not only give them less money in the short term, but also fails to give them enough of a foothold in the job market to make progress in their future careers.


The Solution: Find vocational training

You will need to work out a career path or plan, if it is not clear think about the type of jobs out there that may appeal to you. After some work experience, you will find out if it is for you or not. You may also find that the general work area is appealing but you would prefer another role.

Nevertheless, you will generally find that your GCSEs or A Levels are not ideal alone on your CV to land the job that you want, so you need to search for some work experience or maybe vocational training.
Examples of Vocational Training

You decide to go into finance and work in an accounts department. This is a great option as it offers options in the future to progress to an accountant’s level. There are lots of cheaper vocational courses

offered and professional qualifications that can help you get the first job. The ICB (Institute of Certified Bookkeepers is a well-established institute and it offers courses for beginners through to qualified Bookkeepers. It also offers a great level of employability to students, as it provides a good understanding
in finance to get a job. To find out more about Bookkeeping training go to


School Leavers looking for Careers Legal Secretary Courses
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You could also opt to become an Office Manager, Administrator or PA. There are some courses available in these areas designed to help school leaver gain practical skills on their training courses. To find out more about School Leavers Diplomas for Administration and Secretarial work go to

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