What Skills Does an Administrative Assistant Need?

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What Skills Does an Administrative Assistant Need?

Admin assistants are always in demand across the country, and the responsibilities for this position include handling paperwork and other tasks for an organisation or for an individual. Successful businessmen will vouch for the fact that they’re only as efficient as the person employed to help organise them. So, what skills does an administrative assistant actually need?

Essentially, this position needs someone who can work within a company and organize the interaction between colleagues and different departmental divisions. You will often be required to cope with and process vast amounts of data daily, and sometimes work to very tight schedules. If you prove yourself capable, there’s a good possibility you can end up doing admin for high-ranking officials and top executives. Some of the admin skills are classed as mandatory, and can be divided into two classes.

Administrative Assistant Writing and computer skills

These two skills are very much the same, however there are subtle differences. Administrative assistants need to have a deal of proficiency when it comes to computers, which includes anything to do with Microsoft Office applications such as Excel and Word. The good thing about this is that there are numerous courses which can give you a boost in this area.

You will also need to have a pretty quick typing speed too so that you are efficient and can deliver content at a decent pace. You will also be expected to send, receive and answer many emails per day relating to the business. Oftentimes you will be asked to use a specialist software to work on which you will need to have knowledge of, but this depends entirely on the organisation. Find out about Excel Courses that are CPD Accredited to build your CV for an Administrative Assistant role. Also, you should be considering Word Courses that are CPD Accredited to strengthen your performance in tests delivered to new hires.

Some people think that the skill of letter writing is now redundant, however it must be noted that writing in a format appropriate for business which utilises a high degree of professionalism and a deep knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. Professional assistants should have such skills which surpass that of their employer, making them indispensable to the company.

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