Skills for Office Manager Jobs in London

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July 30, 2016
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Skills for Office Manager Jobs in London

Skills for Office Manager Jobs in London Legal Secretary Courses

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In order to become an Office Manager, there are a broad range of skills and attributes you must learn – or be lucky enough to have already. Your job will revolve around ensuring that everything in the workplace runs smoothly at all times, which is no easy task. Just the slightest issue can cause a ripple effect, meaning that the office (and employees) come grinding to a halt. When this happens, the business is unlikely to be making any money. It’s a tough and important job, but a rewarding one too. Here are the office management skills you’ll need, to land such a significant role.

Office Administration Skills

One of the key responsibilities in an office management role is administration. It’s likely you will be expected to undertake all admin tasks, including filing, record management, updating databases, and so on. While you may think this sounds like a walk in the park, completing admin tasks for an entire workplace is no easy feat. You will need impeccable administration skills, with the ability to carry out jobs quickly and efficiently. There is no room for mistakes!

Office Manager Organisational Skills

This comes hand in hand with the administration skills, but it’s so important that it needed a section all to itself. Being organised is crucial if you’re planning a career in office management. You must have excellent time keeping skills and the ability to know what is going on and when at all times. Those who find it difficult to stay organised are unlikely to flourish as office managers. This is not usually something that can be taught; tending to be more of a personality trait than a skill. However, some courses and qualifications will help you build up your organisational abilities.

Skills for Office Manager Jobs in London Legal Secretary Courses

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Managerial and Office Leadership Skills

Perhaps one of the most vital skills for any office manager is the ability to lead. You will be expected to have certain leadership qualities that nobody else in the workplace can fulfil. This doesn’t just mean telling people what to do, it goes far deeper than that. Being able to coach and improve the performance of office staff is imperative, to ensure that everyone is functioning to the best of their ability. You’re likely to be the first person employees come to if there is an issue in the workplace, which means problem-solving skills are essential too. If you’re unable to lead then it’s unlikely you’ll last long in an office management role.

Office managers are expected to juggle a lot of things at once. From managing the daily operations through to working on long-term projects to improve workflow. Those who can multitask naturally will find this comes easily to them. However, those who find themselves flustered with a long to-do list will need to learn the skills required to get things done. The majority of office management skills we have covered can be learnt; with the right education and experience. If you find it easy to cope with more than one task at a time, then this could be the perfect role for you.

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