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June 30, 2015
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July 31, 2015
Since leaving school or full-time education, you will most likely have added skills to improve your career options. Legal Secretaries’ roles and other jobs have set qualification that is essential in any company. In London, the CILEx qualification is a standard requirement for getting your first job in a Law firm. However, to progress in your career you will need to add skills to improve your career.
However, this is not sufficient in ensuring continued success and security in the job for the foreseeable future. You will need to continually to develop your skills, so that you are consistently performing at the highest level.

Skills to Improve your Career

For instance you may know Excel very well and have a certificate to show you have achieved a distinction at Intermediate level many years ago. Why stop there?
You can follow this up by going for the Advanced. Therefore enrolling for a course to be trained in this area should be your first step. After training, you should take the exam which is proof of your new acquired knowledge. This certificate will also, definitely give you that much deserved satisfaction of
your new achievement.
One other point to remember is that with each new version of Microsoft Office, there can be new shortcuts which you should discover and make full use of.

Skills can vary

Although IT is shown as an example, there are many other subjects with which you can top up your skills. You may want to work in other areas of Law or take minutes at meetings of the senior partners. Does your typing style give you that professional look in the office? Then you can learn to touch type. In this case, you can then take your speed over 100 words per minute. Sounds unachievable? Well, it is not but you do need the time and patience to develop this new skill but the results are very rewarding. Furthermore, you will earn the admiration and respect of other members of staff and, of course, clients.
You will also have gained that professional air.
Finally, you should always be aware of any new products on the market that will assist you in achieving your highest potential. Learning new skills will benefit you greatly and last, but not least, your employer.

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