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IT skills for Project Management

There are many Project management programs that are available. The most common is MS Project, this is set up to ensure that you are able to monitor and control your Projects and provide MI to key managers. However, many companies have other types of systems or do not have one at all. Therefore, a Project managers or similar related support role will need to be able to get by without Project programmes.

Excel for Projects

Key charts, scheduling and budgets can be done in Excel. The main ways that you can develop your Budgets in Projects is used commonly by finance departments and the ability to use Advanced Functions and Formulas are essential. Functions such as Vlookup, Index Match, Sumif, NestedIfs will be ideal for a versatile use of Excel. Management Information is a key requirement for Project workers and to manage key stakeholder relationships. Visual charts are essential, so Gantt Charts, Bar Charts, Pie Charts and Resource Histograms are important. Some of the charts are specialist and need to be created by the user with additional work. This is not that easy, so you will have to learn how to create a Gantt chart in Excel. There are Excel courses for Projects available, ideally find a CPD Accredited one if you can.

PowerPoint for Projects

PowerPoint is a great tool for Presentations and now creating learning materials. In the past, we needed Captivate to create online learning, but PowerPoint can now do this. Anyone who would like to train their end users using interactive videos and online manuals can do so with Advanced PowerPoint training for Project workers. PowerPoint is great for your meetings and it can be used well through the Animation effects to make your excel charts come to life and deliver a far more interactive presentation. PowerPoint has improved greatly from the version of 2013, so please do focus on getting the most out of it as a powerful presentation and teaching tool.

PowerPoint Courses for Project Managers are available and they can ideally be CPD Accredited. Both of these CPD qualifications will look good on any type of Project CV. It is all too often that Project workers lack their core IT skills and need to update their skills, once on the job. Be ready for any job and update these skills with a fully accredited qualification. This will prove to recruiters that you are fit for all aspects of the jobs.

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