Soft Skills should be included in your CV to get a PA Job

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May 31, 2016
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Soft Skills should be included in your CV to get a PA Job

We often make the error to stress on our hard skills when writing our CV and often exclude those most essential soft skills.

It is also that you tailor your CV to the needs of the employer and not elaborate on those not required by the employer. Therefore always focus on the requirement needed for the role you are applying for.

By elaborating on unnecessary information or understating your skills can result in the potential employer losing interest in it. Remember they know their organisation’s needs and atmosphere and, of course, staff so they are looking for someone who will fit in easily in the company.

Soft skills are often omitted or, if included, done so very lightly and therefore may appear ineffective.

Soft Skills should be included in your CV

Soft skills can include how you may have established relationship through communication, both written and verbal, with suppliers and managed to get favourable discount; also the part you played to team work to encourage harmony which led to better production and morale. These all include you been able to assess the various situations and being assertive. This can mean being aware of the person’s situation and make them aware of yours so a compromise can be made from both parties.

Soft Skills should be included in your CV to get a PA Job Legal Secretary Courses

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Above all, the most important soft skill is listening. If appropriate the other skills that should be mentioned and are often excluded are influencing, analysing, innovating, delegating, motivating, negotiating and global communication.

Soft Skills should be included in your CV to get a PA Job Legal Secretary CoursesYou may have had to influence others whether colleagues or external parties in order to get their cooperation or to comply with your needs.

Other Skills to think of

Analysing does not only refer to figures as you may have to investigate certain situations in the office in order to reach a decision.

Innovating can be a change you instigated which you need to expand on the way you presented it in order to gain acceptance and cooperation from staff and probably management.

Delegation is most essential in the office and is necessary in order to motivate staff. It can go a long way towards achieving a sound team spirit.

Obviously, you need to give instances when you had to use these soft skills. This can be covered in your covering letter and also elaborate in more detail at the interview.

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