Start Up Your Own Business Courses in London

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Start Up Your Own Business Courses in London

Most individuals fantasize about owning a business and achieving financial freedom. The idea of living a debt free life without relying on a monthly salary from a day job to pay your bills and provide for your family can be a dream come true.

Most entrepreneurs and business owners have been able to achieve financial freedom through brilliant startups. The main issue is not exactly starting up a business; it is about starting up a successful business that can stand the hardship and challenges both in the long and short term. It is prudent to study the market and find out everything you need to know from software, resources to hardware before you proceed with a startup.

A Glance at Why Some Startups Fail

According to a report from the office of national statistics, more than half of new businesses in the UK don’t survive beyond five years. Vital reasons given for this failure include the UK tax system, lack of bank lending and the cost of running a business.

Although startup survival rates are low, the UK is still a great place to start a business.  The recession has had an unsettling effect on SMEs, a lot is being done, and more still needs to be done to reconstruct their confidence and support them to thrive.



Start Up Your Own Business Courses in London Legal Secretary Courses


Such remarks should not discourage you from starting your own business; rather, it should motivate you to take measures that will see you stand among the successful startups.

Why Taking a Course in ‘Starting Your Own Business’ Will Help You Succeed

This course is a one-day course designed to give you a strong understanding and confidence in everything you need to know when starting a new business that will survive in the market. In just one day, you will get the key information needed to setup a successful startup.

The course outline covers vital areas in startups such as; legal requirements, banking and finance, marketing and the internet, accounting and bookkeeping and human resource. With an improved knowledge in these areas, you are sure of making better and more effective decisions to create positive impacts in your startup.

How This Start Up Your Own Business Course Will be Beneficial to You

This course will enable you to know what is required to start up your business. This will help you save time and cost. With many startups in UK known for not surviving beyond five years primarily due to the UK tax system and lack of bank lending, we will enlighten you on how successfully to exploit all the sources of finance available to you. A figure released by The  Bank of England in October 2014 indicated that lending to SMEs through the Government’s Funding for Lending Scheme fell by £400m in the second quarter of 2014. With a lesser amount of money available for lending, you will need to know what it takes to be among those who are eligible to receive a loan, and this is exactly what you will gain from choosing our course.

Start Up Your Own Business Courses in London Legal Secretary CoursesAnother vital part of this course is the human resource. This part of the course briefs you on how to manage your employees to get a better output and also on what is required from you as a boss.

Deciding to start a business is probably one of the most important decisions you’d ever make in your life. It is paramount that you make all the necessary preparations and findings before embarking on such an adventure. Your startup is 50% or more likely to fail without careful planning and preparation. Why take that risk? Book with us today, we can help.

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