The Battle between Online and Classroom Learning

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September 30, 2016
October 30, 2016
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The Battle between Online and Classroom Learning

It is the age of technology where everything is advancing and becoming online. The use of the internet has become everyday routine and most people even like studying by watching online videos sitting on their couch with laptop on their lap and headphone on their ears. In this article we will discuss if online learning is really effective, if not then what are the benefits of face to face or classroom learning are over it. The Battle between Online and Classroom Learning is here to stay.

The Battle between Online and Classroom Learning Legal Secretary Courses

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Online learning seems a great idea when you work and wants to gain more knowledge. This is great for those people who cannot take classes on a fixed schedule. Online learning gives you the advantage of molding the class schedule according to your ease. For example, if you have promised your son a visit to the park, you can always log in for your online course at the best suited time without the fear of missing something important.

Online Learning does have its own perks but we can argue that face to face learning has its own benefits that cannot be achieved by learning online. We will discuss in detail to give you a better insight to decide which method is better.


Discipline in every task is something that ensures success. It is important for online courses as much as it is for traditional classroom learning. While learning something or gaining knowledge, the structure needs to be perfect and classroom learning provides learners with both structure and discipline. While doing online courses people often become laid back and start missing classes and this attitude would not translate well into a career. This lack of discipline may hold back you from reaching your deserved heights.


Many people may think that they can thrive into an independent environment but social interaction with fellow peers as well as instructors is necessary. When you interact with your classmates, it opens up new doors and you see things from other people’s perspective. Social interaction can stimulate critical thinking and makes you see things from different angles for a better understanding. In professional training, the meeting of new people and making business connections is vital and this can only be done in classroom training.


When we talk about a blended education model, we will see that students who use both face to face and online learning style to perform better. It does not mean that you have to work extra hours to ensure your growth in studies. It only means that both styles have their own benefits. Online learning is fine for the factual and research elements of study that can be done on a flexible basis, but the classroom learning process is useful to stimulate critical thing, debate and soft skills. Blended model suggests you to learn from class room and then if you face any difficulties get online help.


When you are studying in a classroom all your queries whether big or small will get resolve instantly in the classroom. You even will know what difficulties your fellow students are facing and will gain extra knowledge from their queries. However, when you learn something through an online course you have to wait for query to get answered. Because many websites that provide online courses offer help through email ticketing system.

We have covered some of the main points to clear your confusions regarding face to face learning and online learning to help you decide which one is better. Find classroom bookkeeping courses at Accredited Bookkeeping Training.

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