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The Dos and Donts of Business Writing

If you want to get a job as a personal assistant or carve out a career as a secretary then your English
skills need to be top notch, both for written and spoken communication. When you are replying to emails, writing letters, transcribing audio and communicating with business contacts it stands to reason that this all needs to be done to a high standard. It is extremely important that written documents
are produced to a high standard and ready to be read by clients, managers and business contacts.
If you do decide to go for a career as a PA or similar then it is likely that you’ll be adding words
to your knowledge base. You will also need to keep your own glossary of new words that you have used. You’ll also need to make sure that you learn company slang and abbreviations so that you can use these where needed. It is of course important that you understand the meaning of words as well as how to spell them correctly.
The Dos and Donts of Business Writing Legal Secretary Courses
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One big error that many people make is using words that can be interchangeable in the wrong places –
such as ‘can’ and may’. There is a big difference between ‘I can write faultlessly’ and ‘I may write faultlessly’ so it is important that you have a good understanding of them and that you can use them correctly as and when needed, so as to avoid any confusion. Another common error is mixing up two, too and to. It is essential that you are confident with all of these and use them correctly.
What you will also find is that the English language goes through trends and words that are more popular at the time. For example at the moment interjections such as ‘LOL’ and ‘OMG’ are extremely popular. What is important is that you have an understanding of when and where it is appropriate to use
these sayings – mostly not in the business world!

Grammar is also a big deal and making sure that you use capital letters when needed. Generally speaking things like people’s names, job titles, road names and company names should have an initial capital letter.

The Dos and Donts of Business Writing Legal Secretary Courses
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Of course, as with any language it is a complicated thing to learn and not everything is covered here. This gives you a brief example but it is important that you study the language fully and have a good level of English understanding before you start to apply for jobs.Find out more about courses to develop your written business communications at www.pa-course.co.uk

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