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The ways to ruin a Job Interview

A job interview can be a nightmare for the interviewer and interviewee. Both parties should be prepared for this. The interviewer should read the CV and prepare any questions that come to mind. The interviewee needs to research the company and prepare self for the one and only chance to sell their skills.

So what can ruin the interview?

Arriving late can put unnecessary pressure on you so you forget important details in your CV or your appearance is a bit dishevelled.

The ways to ruin a Job Interview Legal Secretary Courses

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Another point is not preparing beforehand with answers to the questions that are usually asked at interviews. Also pushing skills you have that they do not need and supporting those needless skills.

Pushing one set of skills over and over is not what the company needs or just pushing only your soft or hard skills. The company needs a well-rounded person.

Having monosyllable answers is not what they are looking for and it does not show you to be the interesting candidate. At the same time talking too much and taking charge of the interview will put them off you. So, ideally, observe the body language of the interviewer.

Speaking to the window or desk and not making eye contact will definitely put the interviewer off. You should maintain eye contact to whoever asked the question.

Asking about holidays or benefits is another no-no. Although you are interested in these, you should note that there will be annual holiday in your package.

Asking about your chances of a promotion will put the interviewer off as he will be thinking that he has not yet offered you the job but you are looking for a promotion.

When asked about your weaknesses, you should definitely not say that you have none. We are not perfect, are we? So you should mention a weakness and show that you have corrected it by turning it into something positive. Whatever it is, it should not affect your chances of getting that job.

Never say that you have no questions when asked if you have any. Always have a few questions at the ready should they or you have already answered one.

Do bear in mind that not every interview will be perfect or go as planned but every interview should be an improvement on the last. There is no guarantee that you will be offered that job after the first interview but you will find that job that is ideal for you.

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