How to get a work life balance as a Virtual Assistant

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December 31, 2015
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How to get a work life balance as a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant businesses can be highly rewarding and they offer you the option to work as your own boss. However, it is more than just being a good PA and then choosing to  work from home. When I speak to failed Virtual Assistants they are often excellents PAs and have had great careers. The key to their problems is failing to run their own business well and missing the bigger picture of being a Virtual Assistant. They struggle with the business administration, the finances and the marketing. Or they spend too much time on the details of the job and fail to manage the customer relationship.

Virtual Assistant Business Success

The first thing that a Virtual Assistant must do is focus on the Sales and Marketing of their business. This is great and many prospective Virtual Assistants fail to realise the importance of this. Successful business people are often worse at the actual service they offer than failures, but good at getting new and return customers.



How to get a work life balance as a Virtual Assistant Legal Secretary Courses

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You must look at how and where you will get customers. Given that you are a Virtual Assistant the internet is the key place to look at. However, it is full of issues that you will need to overcome before opening up your business. This type of issue should be discussed with a VA expert of an accredited training course.


Other plans that are needed to be a success, is how will you maintain and build customer relations so that they do not leave you in the future. This is to be done at set times and is not just a case of being a good Administrator or Virtual Assistant, it needs customer care.

Finally, you need to broaden the services offered; the best Virtual Assistants will also offer services that suit the needs of an entrepreneur or business person. This is a common pattern if you find successes and winners. Find out about training to be a Virtual Assistant at VA Training in London



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