One of the big growth areas in London and around the country is the role of an Events Manager.  From corporate to sporting events, public events and even private parties and events, more and more people are turning to a professional to organise things.  But for most people, you simply don’t walk into the role of an Events Manager.  Instead, you start as an Event Assistant – but what is this role and how do you get started?

Getting started

One reason that being an Event Assistant is a popular choice is that there are no formal qualifications needed to get started in the industry.  What will boost your chances of landing the role is good all round qualifications or transferrable skills.

What is an Events Assistant

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It can also help to have some relevant training before you start, to show case your knowledge of the industry.  A short CDP Accredited training courses is a great idea as this sets the foundation for the role you are applying to.  A big element of this kind of training is the face to face skills that are acquired, meaning a classroom based course is essential rather than an internet based one.

What skills are needed to be an Events Assistant in London

Those face to face skills such as great communication and people skills are top of the list of requirements for any employer seeing an Event Assistant.  They are searching for someone who can work with people as well as on their own and who has self-motivation.

They want someone who can solve problem, provide innovative solutions and thinks ‘outside the box’ in some ways.  An attention to detail is crucial as well as learning to work within a budget.  Finally, meeting deadlines is absolutely crucial and if you have an issue with this, the role may not be for you.

Before applying for a role, do a little research.  Chat to people doing the job and those who have moved upwards.  Compare their skills and abilities with your own and look for areas you have in common or perhaps can enhance.  You may even be able to shadow someone in the role to see first-hand what the job entails.

What your role will comprise

If you like a job that is constantly changing, then this is the role for you.  There is rarely a set routine to the day as the Events Manager you will be working for will be working on different events all the time.  This means there will be a large degree of simply jumping in to whatever the day presents.

Events Assistant Training Courses can be found at: Executive Assistant Courses

There are also liable to be ongoing jobs that will be done with set frequencies with the course of organising an event.  These might include arranging accommodation, transposition and catering as well as special requests depending on the event in question.  Some people liken the role to that of a concierge at a hotel, solving the problems for people as they occur!

You may also be required to manage personnel, particularly during voluntary events.  It may mean organising people to do the jobs required and ensure the smooth running of the event.  This allows the Events Manager to concentrate on the more important jobs such as the PR and financial side of things.